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Prevention of and cover against the risk of unpaid invoices


  • Your risks decrease and are better controlled
  • New bank financing becomes possible
  • Your profit margins are safeguarded
  • Your provisions for bad debt are reduced
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  • You are a B-to-B business with turnover of more than €7 million,
  • You want to make your commercial transactions safe and protect your company from the risk of unpaid commercial debts, whether as a result of bankruptcy or late payment.


TradeLiner safe-guards your cash-flow and is an effective tool to enhance your credit management… bringing you peace of mind, financial stability and facilitating the healthy growth of your business.


TradeLiner means continuous prevention and protection from the risk of non-payment of:

  • Sales on your domestic and export markets,
  • Sales of your subsidiaries.


Operations insured include:

  • Consumer goods,
  • Services,
  • Operations linked to international trade.


The source of risk may be:

  • commercial: non-payment by your customer,
  • Political: non-payment due to your customer’s country (e.g. government decision),
  • Linked to a natural disaster.


You have a specific need, we have the solution

TradeLiner adjusts to your sector of activity, your organization, what makes your business unique. Choose from an extensive range of options and services for a contract that fits your activity, your customer locations and the degree to which your management is centralized, for example.



Tradeliner Management Report

Coface South Africa now has recently launched Management Report Service that we are now be offering to all Tradeliner policies. The report is quite beneficial for businesses to manage their debtors and credit insurance.


Some of these benefits are:

  •  Reviewing of the Indicated Insured Value of the Portfolio.
  • Assisting Policyholders to manage their Limits more effectively, by showing a breakdown of the following:
    • Insured Buyers & Under Insured Buyers
    • Over Insured Buyers
    • Uninsurable Buyers
    • Unutilised Limits
    • Provides an indication of Buyers on which NOA’s (notification of overdue accounts) should be submitted
    • A summary view of the state of Receivables
    • Highlights areas of immediate concern such as overdue accounts, accounts to be handed over for collections
    • It provides sales opportunities where approved limits are not utilized
    • In terms of the Outstanding Book Product, it will also assist Policyholders in submitting accurate Declaration Figures on a monthly basis

In order to prepare for the Management Report, we will need to obtain the client’s age analysis.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact thabile.radebe@coface.com.

TradeLiner adjusts proactively to evolutions in your business


You will pay your premium once the business is done - we won’t charge premiums in advance.

You have to deliver an unexpected and urgent order and have no time to apply for buyer coverage? We will support you by giving you buyer coverage retroactively.


Your annual minimum premium will adjust automatically each year based on your previous year’s turnover.


In the event of unpaid debts, you can decide to be indemnified more rapidly whenever it makes a difference to your business.


  • Your contract is easy to manage - your coverage and declaration of any unpaid debt is made via Coface’s secure on-line platform, CofaNet
  • Coface examines your request for coverage for each of your customers, analysing their results, market, political and economic environment of their countries
  • You obtain guaranteed cover for each customer, subject to continuous monitoring
  • You inform Coface in due time of any event likely to cause non-payment
  • In the event of an unpaid invoice, and as soon as we receive your request, Coface starts the debt collection process
  • In the event that non-payment is confirmed, whether this is linked to a bankruptcy, your customers’ cash flow problems or a government decision…you are indemnified




    A comprehensive offer that adapts to evolutions in your business



    A solution that allows you to grow your sales safely



    Facilitates your access to bank financing