Our offer


A complementary cover option for our customers with Globalliance policies.

Four good reasons to choose “TopLiner”

  • Choose the supplemental amount to cover
  • Set the cover term for the desired number of days
  • View our approval and rates online on Cofanet
  • Validation and cover takes effect immediately
Coface supports your commercial development with a new credit insurance product.


Sign up for a non-cancellable supplemental cover online, for the duration you choose Your credit limit was approved lower than requested or rejected?


TopLiner offers you: 

  • Non-cancellable* supplemental cover
  • For your customers worldwide


“TopLiner” is particularly sought-after by companies looking to obtain insurance to cover a high-priority or highly profitable development project. 

when more is your strategy

when more is your strategy

Supplemental cover integrated into your contract


With just a single contract, you receive supplemental cover that does not affect the terms and conditions attached to the primary credit insurance policy. No declaration is required for the premium calculation and the complementary cover is granted without any additional credit limit fees. The conditions for submitting a claim as well as the claims payment methods also remain unchanged.


An adjusted price that enables you to assess the aggravation of risk


For deteriorated risks, where our underwriters must make preventive decisions, TopLiner comes into play. TopLiner offers you a price adjusted to the risk presented by the buyer, taking into account in real time the amount of cover and term that you would like to obtain.


With TopLiner, you make the decision


TopLiner is a supplemental cover which goes beyond typical credit insurance and stands apart. With TopLiner, Coface delivers expertise by providing a straight assessment of the cost of your credit risk. You can evaluate it against your net margin to ensure that your commercial transaction remains profitable.