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Elections, Economics, and Evolution: Insights to South Africa's path in 2024


In a recent webinar, Coface South Africa in collaboration with the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ENS Africa, experts Aroni Chaudhuri and Steven Powell delved into South Africa's path to 2024. As the country braces for an election year, the discussion revolved around the anticipated repercussions of the political agenda on the economy, offering valuable insights into investment sentiment, policy direction, and budgetary decisions.

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New deal: which emerging countries could be the winners of tomorrow's world?


Beyond the cleavage with the West, the global South's strategic interests are also very different and sometimes even divergent. Macroeconomic performance, short- and medium-term growth prospects: between profound heterogeneity and real opportunities, which emerging countries can make the most of the change taking place on the world economic stage?

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Coface launches its 2024-2027 strategic plan: Power the Core


COFACE SA launches Power the Core, its 2024-2027 strategic plan with a view to develop a global ecosystem of reference for credit risk management.

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Trade Credit Insurance: Five false facts


Trade Credit Insurance is a vast sector, and no one is safe from being misleaded. Watch us debunk 5 myths about Trade Credit Insurance.

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Challenging times for homebuilders and real estate companies


Construction and real estate sectors are among the most cyclical sectors. Sensitive to changes in the labour market, prices in commodities and, first and foremost, the interest rate environment and accessibility of credit, they are currently under strain. And things are unlikely to get any better in 2024.

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