Our offer

Coface Global Solutions

Multi-country cover to protect multinationals against payment arrears wherever they operate.

Four good reasons to choose “Global Solutions”:

  • Continuous support at headquarters and in your subsidiaries;
  • Attractive purchasing conditions thanks to pooled resources;
  • An overall view of your customer risks and optimised control of your subsidiaries;
  • Access to very precise and easy-to-use management applications such as the CGS Dashboard.
Designed for large multinational accounts

“Coface Global Solutions” (CGS) has been designed specifically for the management of large multinational clients.



With this system, your purchases are more cost-effective and your credit management policy is optimised in your subsidiaries.In summary, you secure your international sales development and improve your operating performance. With support from your group’s local operating entities, CGS coordinates and structures your credit insurance on a global scale. 


With “Coface Global Solutions”, companies have an array of tools to manage their credit insurance as well as access to:

  • Coface’s international network, which offers credit insurance services either directly or through partners in 98 countries;
  • a global database with information on 68 million debtors, and 350 risk underwriters specialised by business sector;
  • the “CGS Dashboard”, a modern and user-friendly platform to analyse client risks online. The CGS Dashboard provides a worldwide overview by client, risk level or country assessment and a clear view of the insured risks.

Many of the world's largest companies already insure with Coface thanks to its unparalleled global network


  • A global presence

    With its unparalleled international network, Coface is able to deliver credit insurance solutions in 95 countries worldwide, either directly (in 66 countries) or through local partnerships. Coface is also a market leader in emerging markets.

  • A sound financial structure

    Coface is backed by a stable core of highly rated, strong and supportive reinsurers. Coface has a sound capital base, which has been further boosted by its results over the years. The ratings assigned to Coface by Fitch and by Moody's have been confirmed, and reflects our solid competitive position in the worldwide credit insurance market. Coface is rated AA- with a stable outlook by Fitch and A2 with a stable outlook by Moody's.

  • A strong expertise

    Coface is acclaimed as providing strong protection of your debtors book and has developed a powerful loss prevention model based on a number of strengths including:


    A wide network of information sources.
    In-house capabilities to produce enhanced information throughout the world.
    350 risk underwriters, advanced models to capture macro-environmental factors (e.g. country risk, industry developments per sector).
    Actuarial monitoring of the entire process.