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Coface began to diversify internationally in 1992. Currently, the Group has global capabilities to support its clients’ growth in their home markets and with their exports by offering them credit insurance services tailored to their needs.
The Group’s organisation is focused entirely on this goal. Its 4,400 employees working in 67 countries offer adapted risk prevention, monitoring and protection services to companies of all sizes and nationalities and in all sectors. To that end, the Group’s underwriters, business information and receivables collection specialists are available to serve clients and enable them to carry out their business activities more safely. Clients thus benefit from the expertise and organisation of an international Group that can offer them local service fine-tuned to their needs.

Executive Committee

Jacqui Jooste - CEO
/ CEO and Country Manager
Jacqui Jooste is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Coface South Africa. She is the first female CEO in the industry in South Africa and has been an Executive Director of the local board for 9 years. Jacqui has been recognised several times within the Coface Group for her strong leadership ability. Over the years Jacqui has honed excellent cross functional short term insurance knowledge and outstanding organisational and leadership skills. She has always had a strong passion for client service, with a focus on driving and managing business improvement through the development of people, systems and processes. Jacqui has a solid reputation in operations management, customer service excellence, enhanced performance management and business turnaround. Jacqui has worked her way up the corporate ladder and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about gender diversity and women empowerment and has embraced the ethos of empowered women empowering women. Jacqui has demonstrated the ability to work at all organizational levels and across executive functional areas including operations, legal, finance, and human resources.
Julie Solipa - CFO
/ Chief Financial Officer
Julie is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Coface South Africa and has almost 25 years of functional and industry experience. She is a Public Officer of the company and also fulfills its Company Secretarial requirements. Julie is responsible for overseeing the overall financial management, planning, systems and controls of the company. She also plays a key role in monitoring executive strategic priorities ensuring they are financially sustainable.
In the past she has been responsible for the management of the Invoicing, Compliance, Legal and Risk functions.
William Surmon - CCO
William SURMON
/ Chief Commercial Officer 
William Surmon is a seasoned Financial Services Executive, registered as a Key Individual with the FSB, with over 26 years’ experience in the Retail Banking, Mortgage Lending and Insurance sectors and specialises in Sales Leadership, Multi-Channel Distribution, Retail Banking, Mortgage Lending, General Insurance, Credit Insurance, Banc assurance and Business Intelligence . William has been recognised for his expertise in Distribution including Call Centres, Physical Branches & Regions, Mobile Sales Teams, Intermediaries ( Originators & Brokers ) and Tied Agents. His main strength is the ability to innovate new approaches to Distribution, Sales and Retention in order to ensure sustained profitable revenue growth. William’s leadership abilities are well proven with numerous awards and commendations being received across industries including the South African National Defence Force, in which he serves as a Reserve Force volunteer. Awards won include: Contact in Gauteng - Contact Centre Manager of the year 2005, SACCCOM (BPeSA) National Contact Centre Manager of the year 2005 ( Top Contact Centre Manager in SA ) Absa Group Prestige Awards: 2010 Leadership, 2008 Innovation and 2003 Financial,  Standard Bank Stars awards: nominated in 2005.
Johan Coetzee - CUO
/ Chief Underwriting Officer
Johan Coetzee, Chief Underwriting Officer for Coface South Africa, has gained substantive experience in the trade credit environment, spanning his 14-year career in this field. During this period, he has gained experience in the risk management function, commercial component of the business as well as the claims and collection environment, allowing for a well-balanced level of expertise. Johan Coetzee leads the local team of underwriters, who focus not only on serving local clients, but also international clients that trade within the English speaking region of Africa .
Johan Coetzee - CIO
/ Chief Information Officer 
The IT department is dedicated to ensuring the availability of systems and technology to support a global platform of stakeholders, with a service-centric team. IT service delivery is our first and foremost ambition, enabled by leveraging various technologies in order to provide seamless, simple and effective systems to meet our local and global business requirements.
Sarah Fontaine - CHRU
/ Chief Human Resources Officer
Sarah is currently the Chief HR Officer of Coface South Africa. She is a full function HR Generalist and a qualified Skills Development Facilitator. She has control of the HR planning and implementation within the local organisation and adds further strategic value to the business, in part due to her robust experience (over 12 years of functional experience and over 10 years of industry experience), and also due to her business qualification (BCOM Honours in Business Management). One of Sarah’s passions is building culture through diversity, and she has actively driven relevant projects in this area over the last few years. She is also responsible for steering and coordinating gender empowerment and diversity within the Coface MAR (Mediterranean and Africa) region.
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