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Single Buyer

A straightforward credit insurance policy for a key single customer

Single Buyer
The Single Buyer Policy has been developed to help you deal with the issues associated with trading with an important customer in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

In a business climate that is fiercely competitive and increasingly unpredictable, your ability to safeguard against bad debt and ensure the safety of your cash flow assumes even greater significance.


Every time you trade on credit, either at home or abroad, you run the risk of non-payment by your customers. This is especially critical if your customer is a key buyer of your goods or services.


Alternatively you may have a very immediate concern, for example about the implications of increased financial exposure as a result of winning a large order from an existing or new customer.


Complete peace of mind when trading with a key customer


The credit insurance provided by our Single Buyer Policy helps you avoid the risks associated with non-payment by one single customer; a customer who may represent a large share of your volume sales and revenue.


The policy ensures a more predictable cash flow in the event of the protracted default or failure of this key customer, therefore allowing you to grow your business with confidence.