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Coface launches Online Services

Coface launches Online Services

“CCO will enable customers to make informed trading decisions regarding debtors and provides customers with a guideline as to the amount Coface would be willing to cover based on its analysis of the debtor’s financial situation,” said William Surmon, chief commercial officer, Coface South Africa.

“CCO is unique in the credit insurance industry with none of our competitors offering this type of service. This is complemented by Coface’s extensive network of information collected across more than 200 countries covering 80 million companies worldwide,” he said.

“The service includes notifications of downgrades in the debtor’s credit rating. Customers will receive regular updates on their customers’ risk assessments with Coface actively monitoring the buyer’s situation for any negative changes in their financial status.”

CCO will provide a clear indication of ‘adverse information’ that will help steer business activity away from customers with a poor company rating or reported claims that could include late payments or claims on the debtor.

Download this press release : Coface launches Online Services (55.82 kB)



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